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#SilverTrain Posts Solid Numbers through the First Half of 2013 Durability and Soundness Statistics Impressive

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#SilverTrain Posts Solid Numbers through the First Half of 2013 Durability and Soundness Statistics Impressive

Silver Train Looking Fit before departing for Brazil

Earlier this month, Silver Train traveled successfully and without incident to Siquiera & Mercadante in Parana Brazil looking to repeat his successful sojourn south of the Equator in 2012. Siquiera & Mercadante, stands on 400 acres, and has one of the best thoroughbred infrastructures in Brazil. Plans are to bring Silver Train back to Northview PA Stallion Station in December of this year.

Silver Train looks to a bright future-click to open

July is emblematic of the midway point in the North American thoroughbred calendar as racing moves to the fabulous and distinctly different confines of Saratoga and Delmar. Also this is an appropriate time to assess Silver Train’s year to date performance, as we look for a successful 2nd half of 2013.

As Silver Train’s 4th crop gradually makes it way to the track, he has established himself as a solid regional sire as his numbers and standings continue to improve over last year.

Silver Train Looking for the Big Horse-click to open

His year to date earnings are $ $1,868,021 which places him 5th in PA and 9th in the Northeast. This has been accomplished without a big winner contributing to the effort. El Jefe Grande is currently his leading earner with relatively modest earnings of $64,210. If you take away the leading winner from each PA sire including Silver Train, he would stand 3rd instead of 5th, highlighting the lack of a “Big Horse” to Silver Train’s production. On the other hand, it emphasizes the tremendous consistency he has in turning out winning horses.

Even with some of the seasoned sires having many more starters than Silver Train, he stands 2nd or 3rd in the various standings based on wins. His 102 winners and 68 winners put him in PA’s 3rd slot. His 24 repeat winners places him 2nd in the PA standings. In the Northeast he is 4th in repeat winners and 5th in the winners category.

These earnings and winning statistics are well publicized and play a key role in many breeding decisions along with pedigree and horse physical parameters. Other factors that should perhaps get a bit more visibility revolve around the durability and dependability of the sire. These indicators deserve strong scrutiny when determining the calculated odds for a rewarding return on breeding dollars.

Silver Train is demonstrating strong and leading performance in these durability and dependability parameters.

Percent Live Foals

Based on Silver Train’s 2012 Book, mares bred to Silver Train in North America has a remarkable successful live foal rate of 84%. Though there is no guarantee that Silver Train’s stupendous rate of live foals can be sustained in the future, this is certainly an encouraging and positive statistic for prospective breeders.

Lifetime Starters

A second investment consideration is how many of a sire’s live foals make it to the starting gate. Silver Train excels in producing foals that make it successfully to the starting gate. Silver Train currently stands at 74% of his foals of racing age making at least one start. Though this is not a widely emphasized statistic and therefore requires some research to generate the information for comparison, Silver Train ranks 2nd among his contemporary 4th year sires and is 75th of all active sires.

Lifetime Winners for foals of Racing Age

Once a sire produces an offspring that makes it to the starting gate, what are the chances of winning at least one race. In the case of Silver Train, a very respectable 54% of Silver Train’s foals find their way to the winner’s circle.

By way of comparison, Rockport Harbor, the “leading sire” in PA has 69% lifetime starters and less than 50% (49%) make there way the winners circle.

Lifetime Starts per Starter

As the average number of races run by an individual thoroughbred has plummeted over the last several decades, it is not only important to breed to win, but to breed a foal that has a chance to be a reliable producer for the owner. A valid indicator of durability and soundness is a sire’s lifetime starts per starter statistic. Silver Train has a strong and improving starts per starter record. Among his contemporaries (4th year sires) Silver Train stands 2nd. He is now at 13 races per starter, which is up from 12.2 races per starter six months ago. Given Silver Train’s current rate of improvement, Silver Train is likely to be one of the top 25 sires as measured by this key soundness parameter. Rockport Harbor, by way of comparison, is producing only 8.1 races per starter.


Silver Train is a proven regional sire based on earnings and winners. Adding his ability to produce sound, productive horses considerably enhances his price performance making Silver Train one of the best values in the Northeast. If one of his current crops of runners can become even a moderate “big horse”, Silver Train will look even more attractive and visible.

Henry “Hank” Nothhaft

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